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3 Week Old Guinea Pigs Join the Urban Farm

Harold, Chocolate Bar & Rainbow Dash
Harold, Chocolate Bar & Rainbow Dash

Those who have been following ABF from the start should recognise the biggest Guinea Pig as  Harold. Just about a year ago I bought the kids a rabbit each and Harold, the sweetest & gentlest little Cavy, for myself. As time went by I started to feel sorry for Harold. He did share the cage with the rabbits but didn’t have one of his own kind to keep him company and I had read that they are social pets. I bought another medium size guinea pig to befriend Harold but he was a meanie! When I introduced them he bit Harold on the nose leaving a big open bleeding gash. Meanie got sent back to the pet shop. Scared to hurt Harold again I did not look to getting another until yesterday when we fetched 2 three week old little cavies. Angela’s Backyard Farm welcomes it’s two newest editions Rainbow Dash and Chocolate bar ( yes, you would be right in guessing that my kids named them ).  I am absolutely delighted and so happy that these two little cavies, who were so kindly given to us, have taken so well to Harold and him to them. He is very protective of them and a sort of parental figure for now.

Here are 3 few tried and tested tips for introducing new guinea pigs to each other:

1. Give the guinea pigs a bath – I used lavender bubble bath as it has a strong scent.  This is done to hide the animals natural scent.

2. Rub a smidgen of vicks on each of their noses – this is so that they can’t pick up on each others natural scents

3. Introduce them in a neutral area, not in a cage previously occupied by either of them – I introduced them in the bathroom which was big enough and small enough.