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A Greater Leaf-folding Frog in my Worm Farm this morning

Greater Leaf-folding Frog 1

What a lovely surprise to find a a gorgeous little frog in my worm farm this morning. Such a clever little guy with all the food he wants easily at his disposal in the form of the little fruit flies and insects that eat on the decomposing food there in.  As you can see from the ABF logo, this little farm loves frogs and welcomes all frogs. ABF even built  a sweet little pond for the guys to make sure they know that they are always most welcome.

After taking a few pics, I consulted my “The Frogs of Durban” picture chart I have, put together by the Endangered Wildlife Trust to identify the species.

The Frogs of Durban Chart

This frog is most definitely a Greater Leaf-folding Frog ( Afrixalus fornasinii ). I identified this by the vertebral band starting in a point between the eyes and going down the back. It is usually found in the Wetlands and is native to Africa.

My Worm Bin


Frog in the Worm Bin Greater Leaf Folding Tree Frog 5
Greater Leaf-Folding Tree Frog 2


Greater Leaf Folding Tree Frog 3Some internet browsing spread some knowledge on the species.

  1. The Leaf-folding Frog is so named as they lay their eggs on leaves and then wrap them up and glue the leaves closed to protect the eggs.
  2. This particular species is not threatened.
  3. The Greater Leaf-folding Frog grows to a size of 40cm.
  4. They have spines on the small white speckles of their back.
  5. They have webbed fingers.
  6. The males have a yellow colour to their under throats and make repeated clacking sounds “preceded by a short soft buzz”.


The lid is closed on this one.



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