Angela’s Backyard Farming

What started out as a hobby 3 years ago, quickly became a consuming passion, turned into a Facebook page in March this year and now, most recently, has become my livelihood. I am a urban farmer and indoor garden specialist.  Angela’s Backyard Farming ( or ABF ) is about encouraging, inspiring, helping and supplying you with the necessary tools to start your own Urban Farm or Indoor Garden.

Here at Angela’s Backyard Farming I promote permaculture, sustainable and organic practices. I encourage farming that is good for the environment as well as for you and your families. I teach indoor gardening such as sprouting and micro greening.  As the company grows I will start to offer more and more products, tools services and advice that will make the life of a busy city dweller easier and more pleasant. Fresh food is is good for the body and gardening is good for the soul.

In a world where we no longer trust what is being put into our food , it is fast becoming a popular and safer option to grow your own.  Now you can grow your own living food with the relief of knowing that there were no toxic weedkillers, fungicides or insect repellents used.

Here’s to a better, healthier life and way of living.

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