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Beans Beans are good for the heart

Beans Rec

The cooler weather has arrived, bringing with it, the first harvest of green beans from Angela’s Backyard Farm and definitely not the last. From now on I will be harvesting these daily. Remember that the more beans you pick the more beans will grow.  The long, thin, dark green beans are Climbing French Beans grown from seeds purchased online from Franchi. They are also soooo sweet to the taste. In the below picture you can see how these bean plants like to grow up a trellis.

String Beans

The lighter, shorter beans are Garden Bush Beans and these seeds can be purchased from P&P Hypermarket or most hardware or garden centres. The actual beans are similar to the type of beans we purchase from supermarkets. They are lighter in colour and have a rougher texture ( almost furry ) .  Just as the name implies, these bean are not climbers they grow on bushes as the below two ABF garden shots show.

Bush Beans 2 Bush Beans

This is only the start of bean season so GET PLANTING!!!!!! The seeds are planted directly into the garden about 2cm deep. Remember that bean plants add vital nitrogen back to the soil so don’t pull the plants out when they are finished producing beans, rather cut them at ground level and leave the roots in the soil.