Category: Sprouting

Wheat Sprouts

We are all familiar with wheat. Wheat kernels are ground to make up the staple food of the West: BREAD. Wheat is also grown to make wheatgrass, which is juiced to make a superfood ( Superfoods are nutrient powerhouses that pack large doses of antioxidants & abundant micronutrients, vitamins, and minerals). Wheat is a grain and wheat grains that have [Continue]

Mung Bean Sprouts

According to the sprout people, Mung Bean Sprouts are “The most widely consumed sprout on our planet!” According to The Sproutman Mung Beans “ is by far the most widely sold sprout in the world” The English word mung is derived from the Hindi word मूंग moong – you may of guessed, yes, the mung [Continue]

Alfalfa Sprouts

Starting from tomorrow Eat Your Home will be delivering Angela’s Backyard Farming’s delicious Alfalfa Sprouts.  I wanted to do an article today to punt this little tiny sprouted bean that packs a serious dosage of goodness. Please support Eat Your Home and ABF by placing an order on their website Great news for us Durban North peeps is [Continue]