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Salad Mix Sprouts

New to eating sprouts and not sure which sprouts to try first? Fond of more that one sprout and having difficulty in making a selection? If you are wanting a blend of sprouts to add colour and dimension to your salad then ABF’s best selling Salad Mix Sprouts are definitely the sprouts for you. WHAT CAN [Continue]

3 Week Old Guinea Pigs Join the Urban Farm

Those who have been following ABF from the start should recognise the biggest Guinea Pig as  Harold. Just about a year ago I bought the kids a rabbit each and Harold, the sweetest & gentlest little Cavy, for myself. As time went by I started to feel sorry for Harold. He did share the cage with the [Continue]

Beans Beans are good for the heart

The cooler weather has arrived, bringing with it, the first harvest of green beans from Angela’s Backyard Farm and definitely not the last. From now on I will be harvesting these daily. Remember that the more beans you pick the more beans will grow.  The long, thin, dark green beans are Climbing French Beans grown from seeds purchased online [Continue]

New Product – Salad Herb Mix

  A new product to add to my range are these beautiful salad herb mixes. I am about to drop off my first 3 at earth mother this morning. So, what is inside? These contain a mix of all the soft edible herbs from Angela’s Backyard Farm. This morning the mix is parsley, Fennel, Basil, Oregano, [Continue]