Category: Urban Farming

Woody Herb Bundles

Woody Herb Bundles made up of sage, rosemary and Thyme. These were put together for my new Durban customer Eat Your Home – look them up if you are wanting fresh vegetables and produce, they probably have a drop of zone near you.  

Visit to the Priority Zone Garden

Last Tuesday, husband, 2 kids, friend from CT and myself headed off to the CBD to see Durban’s very own Rooftop Garden – and – we were ALL blown away. The exact address: 77 Monty Naicker Street, close to the ICC. Entrance is free. Off the main road and into the front door, through a [Continue]

Our first egg

Yay, Our first little egg. Ours is the tiny egg as the hen’s have only just just started producing. The eggs will get bigger as the hens get bigger. The other egg is a size large shop bought egg to give you a size comparison. That is hopefully our last shop bought egg that we [Continue]