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Growth in Micro Greens



On Friday the FilmFlex crew came over and installed my gorgeous 3m x 6m green house. To say I am beyond excited is the understatement of the the year. Thank you for all your wonderful support which as enabled me to expand my small business in growing Micro greens. Now to save up for the shelving!!!

So humans, give me a few weeks to get My A into G  ( to get quantities and growing conditions perfect ) and before you know it, I will have a variety of these beauties ready for you to purchase.

Here are some of the varieties I have already perfected and am growing which are available to order:

1. Wheat Grass

2. Maple Pea Shoots

3. Pigeon Pea Shoots

4. Green Pea Shoots

5. Barley Grass

These are the new Micro Greens that I am working on:

1.Beetroot Leaves

2. Mustard

3. Broccoli

4. Chinese Cabbage

5. Purple Kohlrabi

6. Fenugreek ( Menthi )

7. Japanese Radish


So please, if you know of anyone in the food or restaurant industry who would be interested, send me a message or email me

at [email protected]


Lots of Love