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Just A Farm Girl At Heart

The Times Newspaper 21 January 2015
The Times Newspaper
21 January 2015

Thank you so much to Shelley Seid and Jackie Clausen of the The Times Newspaper for putting this lovely article on page 15 of todays paper. I hope that this inspires those of you that can, to start your own vegetable gardens at home and others to support ABF by buying herbs, sprouts, micro greens ( and occasionally produce ) available from Eat your Home and Earth Mother Organics.

Please contact me by sending me a Facebook message if you are in Durban and are interested in being a supplier of Angela’s Backyard Farming fresh sprouts or micro greens, if you are in the restaurant industry requiring micro greens and/or sprouts as a fresh gourmet garnish to compliment your menu or if you are a group of individuals in the Durban North, Umhlanga, Morning Side area and are interested in a weekly order for yourself and friends. Price lists will be uploaded to the website within the next few days. Drop me a message if you are requiring bulk prices.

Lots of Love