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The Vegetable Tunnels get an upgrade

This last weekend Brad, my husband, and I set to work on upgrading both the veg tunnels. We replaced the old crop cover, which had seen better days, with newly purchased 50% shade cloth. This is a much better construction inspired by the Durban rooftop garden visit we did. Plastic tubing is attached using cable ties to the centre of the top arches. The shade cloth is then cut to size with 5cm stitched tunnels on the longer sides. More plastic tubing pipes, cut to size are threaded through the tunnels to create weights. Now as the photo shows, I can lift up one side at a time in order to work in the tunnel where as with our previous construction, I had to lift up the whole tunnel and lean it on the wall. With more shade now provided in this hectic Durban heat, I forsee higher yields of leafy greens. I have to just keep reminding myself, as the saying goes…. slowly slowly catch a monkey….. or that other one…. Rome wasn’t built in a day… wait, there’s one more …. One step at a timeVegetable Tunnel