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The Last of Summer Veg



Wednesdays are my planting days. This means I set myself the task of planting at least 10 trays of seeds every Wednesday. Today, sadly, was my last day of planting Summer Veg. Lucky for us in Durban we have an extended Summer and a very mild Winter. So to all of you who follow planting reminders, ( gives great reminders),   if you live in Coastal Durban you can easily work a month behind the rest of the country.  That said, ( I say that a lot don’t I ), with the new reports of snow on the Berg, I decided to plant my last Summer Veg seeds today and hope that I am not too late.


If you live in Durban and are requiring me to plant any special seedlings for you next week, please send me a message – most plants do take up to a month, minimum, to grow to seedling stage from seed, so be patient.  At the moment I have extra Mint, Large Leaf Basil, Mini Bell Peppers ( not hot ), Watermelon, Fennel, Romaine Cauliflower, Parsley & Celery all grown in organic soil.  I am happy to meet you at a drop off point in Durban North if you are happy to collect. Next week I am definitely planting Bright Lights Swiss Chard.


Take Care and happy planting,

Lots of Love,